Exercise medium chest — the best exercises


Many strength athletes specifically look for exercises for individual areas of the chest. The myth of training your inner chest has become firmly established in the fitness scene, although there is no anatomical muscle part with this name.

So what’s behind this myth? In this article, we explain in a compact manner which chest area encompasses the inner chest area and how you can train it!

How is the inner breast composed anatomically?

Your chest is made up of two central muscles. The small chest muscle (pectoralis minor muscle) is completely covered by the large pectoralis muscle (pectoralis major muscle). This can be broken down into three parts.

Between the lower and upper breast is the middle breast comprar Trenbolone Enanthate, the inner area of which is often referred to as the inner breast. The middle breast makes up the largest part of the breast.

Interesting: If your inner chest does not work out as well as the rest of the chest area, it often has little to do with your training plan. The shape of the breast depends on your genetics and cannot be changed in a targeted manner.

However, try to work on your posture by pushing your chest forward and pulling your shoulders back. This will help you better highlight the inner chest.

How often and how intensively should you train your inner chest?

The large pectoral muscle covers all areas of the chest.

You can not train the inner chest in a targeted manner.

The muscle fibers of the pectoral muscle always grow evenly. With tension, you always load the entire chest with every exercise.

With these tips, you can train your inner chest more effectively!

However, there are exercises that you can use to stimulate the middle or inner chest: Not isolated, but at least strengthened.

In particular, these include the following exercises:

  • Tight bench press
  • Pull-over
  • Triceps pushups
  • Flying
  • Butterflies
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